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File Warranty

   RLS Metal Systems manufactures all painted steel and aluminum products from Drexel Metals premium quality pre-painted metal products.  Drexel Metals supports there products with industry leading warranties.

     -Paint, Substrate & Weather Tight Warranties

   Drexel Metals Gold Standard System Warranty

    The new and innovative Gold Standard System Warranty is a 35 year, transferable, "non pro-rated" PVDF warranty  that starts from the date of installation and is issued by Drexel Metals directly to property owner.  By purchasing entire system as a package you qualify for the Gold Standard System Warranty free of charge. 

This FREE warranty covers roof replacement costs, labor and materials, should

metal products fail prior to end of 35 year warranty period.

    The only requirement to receive the Gold Standard System Warranty is purchasing entire standing seam roofing system from RLS Metal Systems and Drexel Metals as a complete package.  This includes all panels, flashings, clips, screws, sealants, and underlayments as well as any specialty or custom system components.



Engineering & Specifications

Panel Profile     Panel Profile     Panel Profile     Panel Profile     Panel Profile

     DMC 150SL                  DMC 175S                   DMC 100SS                DMC 150SS                 DMC 200S

    1 1/2" Snap Lock            1 3/4" Snap Lock             1" Mechanical Lock     1 1/2" Mechanical Lock     2" Mechanical Lock